We’re led by a photographer with 25 years of experience across many different arenas. We’ve worked with publishing companies, magazines, and journalists, engaging with the fashion, sports, lifestyle, real estate, and food photography industries. Having experienced the transition from analog to digital, we are particular about capturing the perfect moment. We attend to every detail of the subject matter, the lighting, and the equipment, instead of relying on photoshop to mask imperfections. This careful preparation accomplishes natural-looking photos.

1. Planning First, we study. We get familiar with the subject matter, whether food items or apartments. We analyze the situation to determine shooting time, for example accounting for the sun’s position. We will also settle on a timeline of completion and an estimated number of delivered photos.

2. Shooting We excel at timing and organization. We will arrive on time, about 60-90 minutes before shooting begins, to prepare the required tools and equipment. Our plan will allow for breaks and unexpected delays to avoid cramming. Shooting will feel stress-free and seamless.

3. Editing We will have a brief with you about what image style you envision. We will then edit the photos using the most advanced updated software for best-quality results.

Our Services

1. Planning Photoshooting We provides a range of photography services for brands, personalities, corporate, editorial / PR & advertising clients, events, weddings, food & drinks photography and cookingbooks. Depending on the scope of your project we can also work with for larger productions.

2. Color Correction & Retouching Do you have retouching needs that are unique or not listed in the services above? No worries! We also offer a Custom Retouching service that can handle anything you need! From culling to color correction to retouching, we’ll make sure the finished images match your style.

3. Social Media & Email Marketing Working as well with brands to create a range of captivating social media content that followers will want to engage with, from lifestyle and product photography to animated GIFS and videos, which we can shot, edits and builds. See the Animations page for examples of work.